Saturday, August 24, 2019

New Release: IN FIFTY WORDS! (micro fictions)

Just Released:
(micro fictions)

An eclectic collection of micro fictions, each exactly 50 words. 

It requires no hyperbole or special boldness for me to assert that Bob Thurber is the best author of 50-word stories on Earth. 
Tim Sevenhuysen,

KindlePaperback (94 pages)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Release Date for New Edition of Paperboy

Next Tuesday, May 31st, I'll celebrate my 61st birthday, along with the release of a new edition of Paperboy: A Dysfunctional Novel (2016) published by Shanti Arts (Orignially published by Casperian Books in 2011)

Here's the press release:


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

audio version of "A Note to Hansel" at

A selection from "Nothing But Trouble" is available at

Bound Off Short Story Podcast: Issue 104
Released September 15, 2014

A Note to Hansel, Thirty Years Too Late
Written by Bob Thurber and read by Kelly Shriver.
8 minutes and 30 seconds. Starts at 9:25.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

"The Trouble with Thurber"

  Christine Cote writes:
His stories are rough and tough, sometimes disturbing. Still, they’re hard to put aside. Something about his straightforward, succinct, and, dare I say, sincere writing style keeps you tethered to his work. I think it’s because his writing is true—not in the sense of being autobiographical—but in the sense that they germinate and grow from that place in him that remembers his difficult beginnings. His background is the breeding ground for his stories. So they are true, coming forth from his experiences, his difficulties, and, as he says, his ability to endure.

Read "The Trouble With Thurber" at Shanti Arts

Sunday, April 27, 2014

About The Title

The title of the book comes from a remark my mother often made: “Unless you’re rich, life is nothing but trouble, so you damn well better get used to it.”

There are 34 stories and 43 photographic images.
The  stories are grouped under 7 sections:
  Fathers and Fools
  Women and Children
  Marriage and Divorce
  Love and Death
  The Wicked and The Virtuous
  Art and Artifice
  So Forth and So On

For the most part, these are small, fierce stories full of small cruelties,  sharp-tongued offhand remarks, and those careless, thoughtless actions that too often spin lives into new and sometimes odd directions; those moments when the joys and wonder in our lives,  all our blessings become overshadowed by a sense of sorrow, grief, confusion and a prickly feeling of regret; those moments when we ask ourselves: how did I end up in this mess, this situation, this condition, this moment, this peculiar state of being. But at that point, it’s too late. Trouble has found us.

Available at local bookstores and online booksellers. 

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Nothing But Trouble

Stories by Bob Thurber • Images by Vincent Louis Carrella
Shanti Arts Publishing  • ISBN: 978-0-9885897-6-6 • Price $22.95 
 For more information visit the publisher's website 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Now in bookstores

Nothing But Trouble

Stories by Bob Thurber • Images by Vincent Louis Carrella
Shanti Arts Publishing • On Sale April 10, 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9885897-6-6 • Price $22.95

 Now available at your favorite local or online bookseller 

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