Monday, March 24, 2014

Trouble is Coming in April 2014

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Bob Thurber’s short, sharp, quietly ferocious tales are indeed filled with trouble—yet they are also filled with a strange magic. For all that they are unflinching, often shocking in their emotional violence, they seem to whisper, here is more life.  And under a line like “time heals nothing,” there is a soul that refuses to quit.
Dawn Raffel, author of The Secret Life of Objects

34 stories & 43 photographs

Visiting Thurberland is like entering a dusty basement junk shop in which every object looms out of the dark with frightening immediacy, and the morose faces of the dolls testify to a disquieting past — or stopping by a sinister garage sale where the "everything's a dollar in this box" crate turns out to hold your once-loved but now eviscerated childhood playthings. Bob Thurber's second collection of dark and brilliant fictions in the man's signature minimalistic-fabulist style exposes the guts of literature to daylight, and it ain't pretty. In fact, adorned by Vincent Carrella's haunting photographs, you might even say this whole book is "nothing but trouble.”  — Andrew Wilson


Nothing But Trouble

Stories by Bob Thurber

With Photography by Vincent Louis Carella

Shanti Arts Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9885897-6-6  •  $ 22.95 USD 
Pre-release sale: $18.35 (20% discount)


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